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ICRTouch SAM4S Forza 116s Touchscreen

About ICRTouch SAM4S Forza

The ultimate SAM4S is an all-in-one dynamic touchscreen with a contemporary, stylish design.

Perfect for your F&B environment.

Specifications ICRTouch SAM 4 S Forza

  • True flat 15.6-inch
  • Windows 10 IoT pre-installed
  • Processor – Intel Celeron 2.42GHz
  • J1900 Quad core (fan less)
  • RAM – 4GB DDR3
  • SSD 64GB

Additional options SAM4S Forza

SAM4S Forza Customer display SMALL (left)
SAM4S Forza Customer display 9,7-inch (right)

ICRTouch Hera 5''


About ICRTouch Hera 5''

The 5″ multi-touch panel provides full comfort to the user, and ensures endurance and durability for your Hospitality and F&B business.

Hera 5” is one of the most flexible solutions. The ICRTouch – PocketTouch can be installed on the Hera 5” with a broad selection of elements, colours and backgrounds.

ICRTouch PocketTouch Handheld POS Hera

Specifications ICRTouch Hera 5''

  • 5-inch display
  • Android
  • Qualcom 1.3GHz quad-core CPU
  • 4GHz & 5GHz WIFI
  • Dimensions: 161x80x17.5 mm

Additional options ICRTouch Hera 5''

For even more ease of use an optional Hera 5” basis docking station and multi-bay charging station is available.


ICRTouch Protech MH-5752 Handheld

About ICRTouch Protech MH-5752 Handheld

Ensures speed and user friendly 

This 7″inch is specially designed to ensure speed. The powerful battery makes sure the handheld works long hours.
The Protech handheld has a barcode scanner (2D), a card reader on the side and a handy holder. This makes the device easy to hold when entering orders and makes it user friendly.
The Protech MH-5752 provides good WIFI coverage at almost any time, thanks to the WIFI transmitter.

ICRTouch Protech handheld_POS_restaurant

Specifications ICRTouch Protech MH-5752 Handheld

  • TFT LED 7″inch True Flat
  • Windows installed
  • Intek Atom processor x5-Z8550  Quad-core 1.44GHz up to 2.4GHz
  • Multi Touch
  • 499 grams
  • 188MM x 25MM x 267MM

ICRTouch Protech handheld_POS_restaurant

ICRTouch Kitchen Display System (KDS)

About ICRTouch Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Efficiency in the kitchen

Kitchen teams must be able to rely on prompt incoming ordering tickets, so they can fully focus on food preparation. Therefore, a clear overview is crucial for an efficient workflow in your kitchen.

  • Clear, legible kitchen screen
  • Recall orders or put order on hold
  • Working with colour marking for specifics
  • Drag order tickets to prioritize and set time clocks
  • Use kitchen screens only or combined with printer
  • Additional texting possible
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