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Point of Sale System

  • The all-in-one POS solution
  • Endless smart & customizable possibilities
  • Smooth restaurant operations

ICRTouch, fully designed to meet your wishes

This easy to use system ensures fast and correct processing of orders and payments. Let your restaurant and kitchen team work with an intuitive solution that increases efficiency and enables them to give first-class service.

ICRTouch can be configured to fully meet your requirements and wishes. The system is very reliable so you can operate completely care-free.

It’s an all-in-one workstation with a Windows operating system. The cash register works independently on premise or combined with a cloud back office, and there is no need for separate servers. This hassle-free POS system allows you to go full speed on service!

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Some features that make ICRTouch stand out:

ICRTouch - TouchPoint Software

Your front of the house POS solution

TouchPoint is one of the most flexible operational POS-solutions. Never miss out on sales opportunities, save time and optimize your revenues. It can be entirely configured to the requirements of your restaurant or quick service business.

  • Easy and intuitive navigation
  • User friendly
  • Reliable and secure
  • Customizable design
  • Scalable from one to multiple properties

ICRTouch_restaurant POS_horeca POS

ICRTouch - PocketTouch

Mobile working with handhelds

Work more efficiently, increase your table turnover and provide even more service to your guests. ICRTouch PocketTouch allows you to process orders quickly.

  • No more handwritten receipts
  • Orders are passed directly to the bar and kitchen team
  • Work faster
  • Increase turnover per table with the extra options

ICRPocketTouch_restaurant kassa_horeca kassa

ICRTouch - TouchOffice Web

Your cloud based back office management tool

TouchOffice Web allows you to access your POS management environment from anywhere in the world. Consult all current and archived sales data, generate reports, implement price changes, enter new products or stock real-time or at any time scheduled.

  • Full insight into sales results and data
  • Clear and structured dashboard
  • Authorizations possible per employee
  • Full control over your configurations
  • Interfaces with various accounting packages

Fully customized configuration

ICRTouch is the solution for any type of F&B business. From take-away, delivery or dine-in, this all-in-one solution is fully adaptable. The extensive possibilities and functionalities ensure that ICRTouch is always tailored to your working methods.

  • Fully adaptable to any operation
  • More focus on guests’ satisfaction
  • Increase your efficiency and speed of business
  • Clear and easy configuration


From order taking in the restaurant, processing kitchen orders, managing configurations, to checking and analyzing sales results. ICRTouch is very user-friendly and easy to operate.

  • Clear displays in the front- and back-end
  • Changes are directly saved and processed
  • Easy onboarding of new staff
  • Logical and clear layout

ICRTouch - TouchTakeAway

Your QR-code and online ordering solution

Quick and easy self-ordering for table service, takeaway and home delivery. TouchTakeAway enables you to have your own website and not rely on third-party ordering sites that charge high commissions. TouchTakeAway is fully integrated with TouchPoint register and TouchOfficeWeb. This way orders are processed real-time and paid immediately online.

  • Fixed monthly fee
  • QR-code scanning
  • Any price changes automatically synchronize with your website
  • Online payment option via iDEAL
  • Lower staff costs and increase efficiency

Self ordering solutions POS Van Hessen

ICRTouch – CollectionPoint

Display guests’ orders for pick up

Show your guests that their order is pending or ready for pick-up. The status and average cooking time are displayed on screen to manage the guests’ expectations.

  • Easy to operate for your team
  • Clarity for your guests
  • Reduces queuing
  • Your team can concentrate on preparing orders
  • Manage order numbers via TouchPoint
  • Ideal for bars and (fast food) restaurants with take-out counters
  • Fully integrated with TouchPoint and TouchKitchen
  • Customize background design

ICRTouch - TouchMenu

Your real-time menu board

This virtual menu is connected and integrated into TouchPoint. Changes are immediately displayed on one or more screens. You can have your own selection of menu items displayed on TouchMenu.

  • No extra costs
  • Real-time synchronization of changes
  • Customize layout and background design
  • Manage available menu items

Continue working, even if your internet connection fails

ICRTouch is online connected to TouchOffice Web. But even if the internet is down, you can continue working as if nothing happened. After the connection is restored, all sales data is immediately synchronized with TouchOffice Web.

  • Stay operational and continue serving your guests
  • Never lose data
  • TouchPoint automatically synchronizes when the connection is restored

Multiple course menus

Menus with any number of courses or dish options, can be programmed in TouchPoint. Staff members can efficiently select menu items per course when taking the guest’s order.

  • Make adjustments to the menu
  • Program multiple menus
  • Add condiments or kitchen texts
  • Speed up the process and reduce errors
  • Leave a choice pending when a guest is still in doubt

Hardware for

Kitchen Display

& connectivity


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