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Point of Sale System

  • Seamlessly adapting to
    your business needs
  • Modern design
  • Outstanding performance
    & amazing technology

QUORiON, for a steady restaurant business

Running a restaurant is very dynamic. With QUORiON INViCTUS you get a flexible and steady POS system you can count on. Combined with our trusted care and dedicated support of Van Hessen you can fully focus on your operations and guests.

The INViCTUS register is an Android based POS system with pre-installed software. It is equipped with a large touchscreen, stylish design and extensive functionalities. The flexible configuration allows for easy customization. Optimizing the efficiency within your restaurant.

With the simple and easy installable QOrder App for Android based devices, you can send orders straight from the table to your kitchen or bar. The INViCTUS can effortlessly be extended with our online cloud reporting module, marketing display or other external devices.

Take a look at our hardware for QUORiON

Some features that make QUORiON INViCTUS stand out:

Affordable investment

  • No recurring cloud or license costs
  • Pre-installed software
  • Low investment for the hardware

User friendly

  • Intuitive and clear navigation
  • Easily distinguish menu items, categories and function keys
  • Quick & easy configuration of prices and menu items
  • Completely programmed according to your wishes

Add mobile devices quickly and easy

  • Can be installed on your own Android device
  • Affordable software support costs
  • Quick installation
  • Maximize service quality and speed
  • Send orders straight from the table to the kitchen or bar
  • Higher turnover, leading to higher margins

Returning guests get their own account

  • Provide extra service to your loyal guests
  • Easily create or modify guest profile and account
  • Settle the guest account immediately or at a later time

Continue working even without internet 

  • No hassle, stress or loss of data when the internet goes down
  • Real-time synchronization when the system is up and running
  • Reliable, safe and steady

Customer display

  • Extend your POS system with a clear customer display
  • Clear transaction overview for your guests
  • Show inviting images and promotions during the transaction of when on standby
  • Stylish 9.7-inch display

QUORiON Business control & reporting

  • Accessible in the cloud
  • Clear dashboard
  • Extensive reports on specifications like best sold menu items or categories
  • Sales data is accessible from anywhere via the internet
  • Real-time totals and revenue overview

Hardware for QUORiON

Integrations & connectivity


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