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It is very important for hotels that the guest journey runs smoothly

Van Hessen is a household name in the market and an important player in hotel automation. ‘Our aim is to support the hotelier as optimally as possible and to offer appropriate solutions,’ says Ronnie Hinrichs, Managing Director of Van Hessen. ‘It is more important than ever to offer the guest a stay that seamlessly meets expectations. Or even surpass it.’

That is why detailed mapping of the guest journey is so important. And good digital and technical support is crucial in this regard, he says. ‘The guest is used to online, digital and technical convenience. Guests do not want to be confronted with technology that does not work well. We strive for an effective automation of all processes so hoteliers have time to focus their full attention on their guests.

The human element in the guest journey is where the hotelier makes the difference. It is the soft touch points that the guest remembers. You can’t afford to worry about automation. It just has to be well organized and work reliably. No ‘work arounds’ because the system can’t handle it or because you made the wrong choice.’

Thinking along and unburdening

Van Hessen exists already for over 100 years, has an experienced team with qualified employees. They know the hotel industry very profoundly and know what is going on. They also see the guest expects more and more in terms of digital convenience and service.

Hinrichs has built up a “track record” in retail himself. ‘When I bought Van Hessen in 2018, I had been working on automation and support for quite some time, but then within retail. Besides the fact Van Hessen has a great track record, it is a great opportunity to use that knowledge in hospitality. In retail you see a lot of attention is paid to a unique identification of the customer during the entire customer journey. Linking previous purchases, identifying certain behaviour so you can offer your services much more customized. This is not only good for your turnover, but also very pleasant for the guest. At Van Hessen we invariably look for ‘The best of both worlds’, so we unburden the hotelier and their guests as much as possible.’

“We are proud to work with so many renowned hotels. From small to large, from hotel group to chain. We are a strong, solid partner for hoteliers, but we do not take cooperation for granted. You can’t lean back. You have to keep innovating and think along with your partners.”

We are in constant motion

Hinrichs is therefore not exactly sitting still and sees great opportunities for Van Hessen: ‘We are known as a company that supplies high-quality products, offers good service and ensures good implementation and communication. Our helpdesk is available 24/7. You will be spoken to in your language by someone who knows the business. We guarantee continuity. That this is appreciated is apparent from the growing number of hotels that are switching to us.’

“We also use these times to make further improvements. For example, we work behind the scenes on our marketing, communication and streamlining processes even better. So we will be fresh on the map next year. We choose for stable, intuitive products that are well secured and up-to-date and contain all the necessary functionalities.’

‘As a hotelier you cannot function without certain functionalities these days. From booking to departure (and beyond) you just want it to work. Speed and efficiency are important. Guests don’t want to wait and everything should feel like it takes zero effort. Up- and cross-selling should be simple, with the emphasis on extra service. Whether it is an upgrade, extras in the room or an additional service. As a hotelier you want to offer your guest an optimal experience. But above all, give them every reason to come back.

Publication ‘Hospitality Management; hét vakblad voor de hotellerie’

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