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Property Management Systems

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Managing hotel operations can be complex and you’re expected to perform at your best. Cooperation across departments and consistent communication between the various disciplines is extremely important.

High work pressure, stagnating service and dissatisfied guests are every hotelier’s nightmare. The consequences are bad customer reviews, unmotivated staff and disappointing results.

Much can go wrong during day-to-day operations if your Property Management System doesn’t work sufficiently and support is letting you down. That makes choosing the right PMS solution and IT partner so important.

Therefore, Van Hessen offers only the best PMS solutions for individual hotels, hotel chains, hotel collections and conference hotels.

Check out which solution suits your business needs. Choosing might be a challenge, but we are here to guide you through the maze of solutions.

Cloud based
On Premise
Multi Property
- open API
- OHIP Marketplace
- channel manager
- OTA / GDS / CRS / online booking
- kiosk & mobile integration
- passport scanner
- third party Integration
- telephone / key system
- integration Point of Sale (POS)
- enhanced Simphony
- in room solutions
- electronic funds payments
- accounting export
Integrated accounts receivable
Integrated online booking engine / payment
Integrated Sales & Event Management
Groups management
- blocks & allotments
- rooming list import
Mobile enabled
Loyalty module
Integrated e-mail automation
Travel agent commission
Bed selling
- e-learning
- on site training
Van Hessen Care
- 24/7 availability
- telephone support (multi-lingual)
- e-mailsupport
The IT companion for the hospitality industry The IT companion for the hospitality industry

Whatever solutions you choose, you can always count on our Van Hessen care & support!

OPERA Cloud: Our next generation OPERA PMS with a contemporary look & feel. OPERA Cloud is a flexible cloud based mobile enabled solution for professional hotel management. OPERA Cloud supports individual hotels, local collections, conference hotels and international hotel chains in organizing their operations and guest service efficiently. OPERA Cloud is scalable to the demands of your property. Available in 20 languages, including Dutch.

Discover OPERA Cloud

OPERA: The world’s most sophisticated and comprehensive PMS solution available. With 20+ years of experience OPERA offers powerful functionalities combined with a simplified and secure IT infrastructure. OPERA is scalable to the demands of your property. Available in most common languages.    

Discover OPERA

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'It is very convenient that the cluster team and the hotel teams can work in the application at the same time.'

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