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Kitchen Management

  • Increase productivity
  • Provide better guest experiences
  • Improve meal quality
  • Reduce service delays
  • Accelerate table turnover

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For excellent kitchen performance and first-class restaurant service

Running a professional kitchen operation can be challenging. You have to be well organized, work tidy and keep full focus while staying creative. And it all comes down to effective and good communication.

Our Kitchen Display Systems will make your life easier so you can keep up with the speed of service. It simplifies communication and work processes, increases kitchen efficiency, reduces errors and enhances food quality. So, you can be at your best when the heat is on!

It is mounted conveniently in your kitchen or food preparation area. The intuitive, graphical software displays food orders for preparation and monitors the timing of orders. Our Kitchen Display Systems provide real-time overview and feedback and includes management reporting.

Oracle MICROS Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Optimize kitchen workflows, food quality, and speed of service. Prioritize color coded orders and updates from your restaurant POS system, website, and mobile apps in real time. Use predefined cook timings to break down each order, prioritize preparation tasks, and automatically alert kitchen staff about ticket times that have exceeded your restaurant’s standards.


  • Capture service times
  • Generate real-time reports on kitchen performance
  • Alert irregular preparation times
  • Touchscreen or standard LCD with bump bar
  • Article summary screen totalizes item prep requirements
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