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Why not get connected to the industries greatest solutions? Van Hessen provides only the best IT-solutions and partners up with the most secure and innovative solutions providers in the Hospitality industry.

Providing you with all potential to make your business flourish.

Meet some of our partners:


Let your guests order by themselves online by mobile phone, website, tablet or kiosk. And make sure everyone always has the opportunity to order some more drinks or bites. No more searching for a waiter in a busy restaurant, Jamezz is always at your service.


Jamezz online ordering through an easy and convenient web platform.
  • A fully integrated system
  • QR Ordering
  • Pickup & delivery webshop
  • Tablet ordering
  • Self-ordering Kiosk

Jamezz Van Hessen


Full control over your online distribution. Real-time synchronization of bookings, payment information and guest profiles across all your hotel software and booking channels.


  • SmartHOTEL Channel Manager and Booking Engine
  • Centralized bookings on multiple platforms  
  • Maximize revenue and efficiency
  • Full payment automation with SmartCONNECT
  • Get on- and offline bookings paid automatically with one click

SmartHOTEL Van Hessen


Hospitality accounting made easy.

Omniboost offers accounting automation for the Hospitality industry. Creating smart connections between the PMS & POS solutions and accounting software to enable automatic synchronization of your financial data.

Omniboost’s powerful technology integrates your data in no time and transforms it into actual financial statements that become readily available in your leading accounting system. No more inefficient and error-prone manual processes. Automate your accounting and manage your finances easier and faster than ever before.

Glory cash infinity
secure cash automation technology for POS

Counting errors, accepting counterfeits and shrinkage are all threats to profits. Automating cash handling at your point of sale minimizes these risks. It reduces pressure on your staff and allows them to better engage with your guests.

  • Automatic detection of counterfeit money
  • No counting errors
  • Change due is calculated and returned automatically
  • Easy cash management
  • Quick hygienic processing of cash
  • No coin or note handling by staff

Samsotech Document ID Scanner

In daily operations you need guest identification to be handled in a safe, secure and accurate way. The Visitor Identification Capture & Archiving System (VICAS) is a networked system for Passport and ID card scanning and storage. Automatically transferring details into the guest profile in Opera.

  • Easy-to-use scanning and reading system for Passports, VISA’s, National ID Cards & Driver’s Licenses
  • Eliminating errors associated with manual data entry
  • Advanced interface functionalities like overwriting specific data fields and additional scanning options

Open API & OHIP Market Place for OPERA Cloud

By integrating your favorite external services easily via open API, you can expect your operation to run smooth and efficient.

Using OPERA Cloud, you ‘ll get full access to the OHIP Market Place. This Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform is the best market place in town and made for optimizing your business. Any external solution can be interfaced via this open API.


A fine selection of our certified integrated partners

There are more than 4000 certified integration partners with whom our solutions connect. Here you find a selection:

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