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Your target audience is out there. And even though you understand their needs, wishes and online behavior, it’s difficult to reach out to them. Today’s competition and rate transparency make it even harder to stand out. And once you’ve caught their attention you still have to persuade them to choose your hotel. You need to be attractive, seduce them and make it effortless for your future guests to book your hotel.

Get the right tools in place to put your room availability online and ensure that guests do not end up with the competition.


Straight to the PMS Solutions

Online Booking Engine

Nowadays commissions from different Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) nibble at the operating profit of hotels. Guests are always looking to find the best deal around.

More than 50% of all travelers visit your hotel website after finding it on a booking site. Motivate your future guests to book your hotel directly on your website and save these commissions costs. Connect your PMS software and website to make it possible to book your hotel at the best available rate in just a few clicks.  

  • Customizable booking engine according to the branding of your website
  • Price comparison between hotel and booking websites
  • Generate more direct bookings without any commission
  • Allow your guests to book your hotel quick and easy on your website
  • Save time and get your preferred corporate clients to book direct
  • Upsell room types, extra’s and packages
  • Multilingual
  • Get direct payments
  • Show a detailed product and information overview

Channel Management and online distribution

Are you fed up with overbookings? Does your staff complain about time consuming manual handling of the different booking channels? Are you losing revenue because of errors or missed opportunities? No control over commission fees?

Treat yourself to a real-time, automated 2-way online distribution tool and get your business on track.

  • Automatically updated availability, rates and inventory across all your booking channels
  • Connections available with a wide variety of OTA’s, Metasearch and GDS
  • Manage your pricing, price levels and restrictions
  • Get direct payments
  • Optimize your sales and yield professionally
  • Effortless upselling

Van Hessen’s preferred partner for channel management & distribution


SmartHOTEL Van Hessen

SmartHOTEL Channel Manager

Why should you bother to handle bookings manually on multiple platforms if it they can be centralized? By using the SmartHOTEL Channel Manager, your team will save precious time and can focus on your guests instead, while maximizing revenue. Get more online bookings and return business, and minimize overbookings.

With SmartHOTEL these agonizing issues are solved so that hoteliers can spend time on what truly matters. The bottom-line and the guest experience!

Full payment automation with SmartCONNECT

Processing payments manually is time consuming and error-sensitive. Why not get on- and offline bookings paid automatically with one click? With including a ‘Payment by Link’ in your confirmations you receive secure payments from your guests. The transaction is processed directly in your PMS. You are fully flexible to set up personal preferences on how and when your guests are charged.

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