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Trusted care & support

In the hospitality and food & beverage business you need to perform at the highest level. How comforting to rely on the best care and support around.

We get it! You can rely on our care & support 

We know how frustrating it is when IT systems fail, especially at the busiest time of the day. It’s quite distressing when guests become impatient, reservations start piling up and your operation stagnates.

When workload increases and tensions build up, your staff becomes less hospitable. Bad perceptions and negative reviews can come about and break your company’s bottom-line. In such a situation it’s reassuring when you have reliable support at hand. Experts who are happy to help you in a quick and effective way.

Our clients appreciate our involvement and commitment to resolve any issue or problem. And we’re happy to help out!

Maze of IT options Jouw gids in het doolhof van oplossingen
What’s so special about Van Hessen care & support?
  • First of all, we provide swift and dedicated support. Taking action and not sending you from pillar to post
  • Our support has a personal touch. We speak your language and immerse ourselves in your situation
  • Most Van Hessen team members started their career in hospitality or F&B operations, so we understand what you’re up against
  • We have a lot of experience and expertise. Our installers are also experts on support. So, we definitely help you from A to Z
  • We keep you updated on the situation, while we are looking for a suitable solution or advice
  • For specific or complex problems 2nd line support is stand-by
  • Your feedback is appreciated and taken seriously. Because learning and improving is a continous goal
  • 24/7 PMS support | 15/7 POS support

Caring about a future-proof business

Responding to new developments in the market is of vital importance. Finding new opportunities that improve guest experiences, push your service to the next level while streamlining your operations. Or maybe you need to respond to new challenges or find new possibilities to consolidate your business?

Every entrepreneur or general manager wants to run their company efficiently, accelerate progress, increase revenues and be cost-effective. Why not ask your account manager when you look for solid, practical and useful advice? They know how the wheels spin and love to think along.

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Training & team development

Do you have new employees on board or are you struggling with a lack of knowledge in your team?

Over time, routine creeps in, systems are not fully used, and workarounds are devised. Not intentionally but certain situations entail this. And it’s a shame if you don’t get the most out of your IT system.

To ensure that your organization makes optimal use of the installed IT solutions, Van Hessen provides tailor made training. We take your specific situation into account while training your team.

Mail us your training needs

'We run everything at Van Hessen. It's a human company and their service is just very good. They are involved and empathetic. That's nice and the reason for a long-term partnership.'

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