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Oracle Hospitality Suite8 Hotel Software

  • Excellent operational efficiency and control
  • Optimal functionalities to be on top of your game
  • Lifting the guest experience to the next level
  • Get competitive guest information

Delivering superior guest service is crucial!

Perfect hosts are easy to recognize. They anticipate and fulfill their guests’ every wish with a genuine smile. The Oracle Hospitality Suite8 solution supports the highest levels of service by providing comprehensive guest information around the clock and at your fingertips.

The software provides a 360-degree overview of guests, with rich profile information and complete customer transaction. This will assist you in increasing revenue through online sales like room and table reservations, vouchers, and ticket purchases.

Your operations will be streamlined with built in capabilities for online distribution, restaurant conferences and events.

The solution ensures that all your hotel’s departments and processes work optimally together.

Oracle Hospitality Suite8 is a complete, scalable, customizable and fully integrated hotel management solution covering all your hotel operations, from a single platform.

Some features that make Suite8 hotel software stand out:


Every single department in the hotel has access to, and works with, the same guest profiles. This makes profile handling an automatic part of everyday business and will enhance the level of guest satisfaction during the complete guest journey. You know your guests like no other and your valuable knowledge is collected at the heart of Oracle Hospitality Suite8 CRM module.

  • Duplicate profile and merging console
  • Mailings & personal correspondence
  • GDPR & PCI-DSS compliant
  • Questionnaires
  • Interdivisional
  • Manage your task & activities
  • Guest comments and preferences
  • Extensive profile linking

Front Office

Oracle hospitality Suite8 is equipped with all functionalities that will enhance the guest’s experience during their stay. All day to day activities like reservations, cashiering, billing, housekeeping, check in, check out, pre and post stay communications are streamlined to ensure operational efficiency and control.

  • Reservation management
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Advanced reporting
  • Loyalty and membership
  • Gift certificate and voucher
  • Bed management
  • Table reservations
  • Housekeeping and maintenance
  • Group/Block/Party Reservations
  • Integrated upselling tool

Integrations for a rapidly changing market

In a fast-paced hospitality industry the standards to deliver a high-level service are constantly changing. To fulfill these requirements Oracle Hospitality Suite8 can be integrated with third party integrations so your staff members can focus on the most important target, your guest and their guest experience.

Integrations vary from POS solutions, door locks systems, building management systems, WIFI systems, housekeeping applications, payment solutions and check-in kiosks. Many options are at your disposal to create the best guest journey.

Online distribution

How will your guests find you? Guests have multiple options for searching for hotels: online platforms powered by alternative distribution systems (ADS), travel agencies powered by the global distribution systems (GDS), and direct sales on your website. Oracle Hospitality Suite8 ensures that you are attractively positioned and totally up to date on all relevant booking websites. This way, your hotel has the best chance of being seen in a highly competitive and crowded market.

  • Rate, availability & restriction updates in the PMS are directly refreshed on the different distribution partner platforms
  • Availability per room type
  • Flexible room management by optimizing room types; e.g. by extending and limiting availability
  • Dynamic or straightforward pricing
  • Profile matching
  • Connectivity with all of the major distribution partners

Financials & Reporting

Don’t miss out on outstanding invoices or revenue!

Keeping track of overdue invoices can be time consuming and have a negative impact on the financial balance of your hotel.

With Oracle Hospitality Suite8 integrated accounts receivable module you will be able to keep track of all outstanding invoices and generate automated reminders.

The back-office module provides the possibility to export all revenue and payment data to an external accounting system. This reduces the risk of errors within your financial administration.

Extensive reports are available to assist the user in their daily operations.

  • Automated reminder letters
  • Define aging periods of your outstanding invoices automatically or manually
  • Process payments
  • Integration with all major accounting systems
  • Uploads possible in for example csv or xml
  • E-invoicing in PEPPOL format
  • Reports are fully customizable or can be created on demand


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